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Helping you manage the intersection of fertility challenges and working life

Hi! I’m Emma. Fertility at Work Coach and Consultant, former Employment Lawyer and fertility patient.

Here’s how I can help you manage the intersection of fertility challenges and working life, and other career and workplace matters too…


Are you struggling with fertility challenges and their impact at work and no longer enjoying your life?

After years of struggling to manage my own fertility journey and career in harmony, I used the power of coaching to finally turn my desperate need for a baby into a healthy desire, and make my work work for me, so I could continue on my path towards parenthood, happier, healthier and more fulfilled than I ever imagined possible.

I now help clients like you, regain control of your fertility journey and career, so you too can live a happy, healthy and fulfilling life on your path towards parenthood.

Why continue to struggle alone? Why wait to have your baby to be happy?

Accept help, manage the impact of fertility challenges on your career, and be happy now.


Are you responsible for employee well-being, equality, diversity and inclusion, or talent management, in your organisation? Is fertility on your workplace agenda?

As well as successfully managing the impact of fertility challenges on my own career, I spent over 13 years providing employment law advice to organisations on a range of workplace matters, and supporting the implementation of various HR policies and change programmes.

I now use all of my personal and professional experience to help HR professionals like you, manage fertility in your workplace, so your organisation can enjoy the financial, operational and competitive advantages of boosting their well-being, equality, diversity and inclusion, and talent management, strategies.

Why wait for the law to change, or industry practice to change, to make change?

Work with an expert, ensure fertility is on your workplace agenda, and lead the change.


Are you stuck and struggling with any other career or work related challenge?

I used the power of coaching to successfully recover from burnout and implement a significant career change that enabled me to do the right work, in the right way, and right environment, for me. I also spent many years providing employment law advice to professionals on a range of career and workplace issues.

I now help clients like you, optimise your physical and mental well-being, improve your personal performance and progression, forge positive working relationships, navigate redundancies and executive terminations, and identify and pursue a career that feels true to you.

Why continue to struggle alone? Why wait for someone else, or something else, to change to be happy?

Accept help, manage your career challenges, make your work work for you, and be happy now.

Curious to know what others think?

Here’s what my clients have to say about me
and the services I provide…

"Emma's honesty and openness about the struggles of infertility and the impact on individuals as well as those around them was incredibly impactful and we had some of the best feedback I have seen at similar webinars."

Employment Lawyers Association

"I have spent the same amount of money on a thousand things in my life that haven’t given me the same benefit and you probably have too! "


"If you’re thinking about working with Emma, I highly recommend it. The entire process was a great experience for me, and I was actually shocked at how much I learned.”


"My whole life has transformed as a result of my coaching sessions with Emma. I learnt that once you take one step to make a change in one area, this creates multiple changes in other areas too…. I have never felt so alive and happy!”


"I have thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted greatly from my coaching sessions with Emma. Her steady pace of questioning and gentle way of challenging has allowed me to take time to think about what I really want my goals to be and what benefits achieving those goals will bring. "


" After a few sessions with Emma I felt able to deal with the pressure in a positive way….. We talked situations through and with her guidance, patience and understanding my thought process turned from negative to positive."


"As a coach I felt that Emma provided a calm, safe and trusting environment which allowed for ease of dialogue and confidentiality. Emma demonstrated her ability to use sound questioning and listening skills which prompted thought provoking discussion and action”.


"I would definitely recommend coaching with Emma to any woman with a career. It is worth the investment"


"She is supportive & considerate but also challenges you to make you think about what you want in the future - which is something I hadn't properly taken the time to do."


"I believe that Emma has opened my eyes to new ways of approaching old problems."


"She was patient throughout, demonstrated excellent recall in terms of my previous statements, and at all times I felt that she was “on my side” in helping me progress."


"Each session with Emma was very positive. I would have no hesitation in recommending Emma to anyone seeking a Coach for assistance with achieving their goals."


"The ability to express my current situation out loud to an impartial person has helped so much."


"The fact Emma was able to empathise and understand the fertility journey we have been on, was a real game changer, because it is so hard to articulate what the experience does to you and knowing Emma just got it helped us hit the ground running during our sessions."


"Emma is a very engaging speaker who skilfully handles these very sensitive topics with compassion and grace. She is extremely knowledgeable and adept at transferring that knowledge into practical advice and real world solutions."

Horsfield Menzies

"Emma was a fantastic speaker and shared her personal experience - her passion shone through as she spoke. It was an amazing, informative session which left everyone in attendance inspired and touched."

Kingsley Napley

"We couldn’t have been more impressed by the knowledge, advice, professionalism and excellent perspective and guidance she provided - as well as her generosity in sharing her own personal experiences too."

Cancer Research UK Fertility and Baby Loss Network Committee

"Her understanding of how the fertility and professional worlds intersect is second to none."

Mimoza Fleur

"Attendees were extremely enthusiastic about her session and it was one of our most successful sessions overall. The feedback was excellent."

CloserStill Media

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