For professional women on a fertility rollercoaster 

If you’re stuck in your career, struggling to become the mother you long to be, and you want your work to enhance your life, then you’ve come to the right place.

Hi! I’m Emma.

I coach professional women experiencing fertility related challenges, empowering them to manage their career and find fulfilment on their journey to motherhood.

Professional women like you. You’re clever and accomplished. You’ve developed and progressed. You’re used to achieving a certain level of success. But you’ve found yourself in the unfamiliar and unpredictable world of fertility. Effort and application isn’t cutting it, desire and determination doesn’t seem enough, and so little is within your control.  It’s taking its toll on you and your career. 

Youre fed up of means to an end working, frustrated by lack of progress, tired of trying to do it all and youve had enough of hiding. You want work that’s meaningful, a role that brings out the best in you, a lifestyle that’s balanced and a workplace that’s understanding and supportive. You want a career that compliments your pursuit of motherhood, because most of all, you want a family.

I can help you develop a sense of purpose, harness your strengths and resources, balance your priorities and regain control of your career.

It’s time to make your work work for you, so you can live a happier life while you’re on your journey to motherhood.

"I have thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted greatly from my coaching sessions with Emma. Her steady pace of questioning and gentle way of challenging has allowed me to take time to think about what I really want my goals to be and what benefits achieving those goals will bring. "


" After a few sessions with Emma I felt able to deal with the pressure in a positive way….. We talked situations through and with her guidance, patience and understanding my thought process turned from negative to positive."


"As a coach I felt that Emma provided a calm, safe and trusting environment which allowed for ease of dialogue and confidentiality. Emma demonstrated her ability to use sound questioning and listening skills which prompted thought provoking discussion and action”.


"I would definitely recommend coaching with Emma to any woman with a career. It is worth the investment"


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