A little bit about me and coaching

“Fertility is a normal part of life. I believe it’s time to normalise it in the workplace; to break the silence, acknowledge and accept it, understand and support it, and therefore increase the potential for female leadership.”

Hi! I’m Emma Menzies

Coach, NLP Practitioner, former Employment Lawyer and professional woman on a fertility rollercoaster.

Specialist in facilitating career fulfilment for professional women experiencing fertility challenges.

After graduating from University and Law School, I qualified as a solicitor, specialised in employment law and spent over 13 years in legal practice, initially in a top 10 international law firm, then in a FTSE 100 retail company. I advised on a broad range of employment issues, concerning employees at all levels of business, and supported significant business change programs.

During the latter 6 years of my legal career, I was engaged in my own relentless fertility journey. My efforts to manage this alongside the pressures and demands of my role ultimately led me to burnout.

This was an invitation for some deep self reflection. As I considered who I wanted to be and the life I wanted to lead, I realised it was time for change. The same ways of thinking and operating were no longer sustainable and weren’t going to create a fulfilling life.

I was relying on having a baby to be happy, and putting my life on hold for that day to come, when I could be being happy now.

With a passion for personal development

and a desire to help others overcome their limitations, realise their potential and find fulfilment, I retrained as a Coach and NLP Practitioner and set up Ready Steady Coach.

My personal and professional background lends itself to a focus on fertility at work and this is where I feel inspired to make a difference.

Originally from the North East, I’m a Geordie girl at heart,

but I followed my now husband to London and we eventually settled in Beaconsfield in Buckinghamshire.

When I am not developing myself or supporting you, I’m probably indulging in my other passions for travel, theatre, dance and walks in nature.

I’m still on my journey to motherhood, but managing it with greater ease and grace as a result of the changes I’ve made. Being a professional woman on a fertility rollercoaster was my catalyst for becoming a better version of myself, living a happier and more fulfilling life. I’d love to help you achieve similar transformation.

If you’d like to explore working together, please get in touch. I’d be delighted to hear from you.


A little bit about coaching…

You now know a little bit about me. But coaching is all about you! It’s about getting you from where you are to where you want to be with more speed and ease than if you were working alone. It’s about getting to know yourself better, increasing your choices, taking responsibility for your life and taking action. It’s fun, it’s rewarding and it’s potentially life changing. I can’t wait to share it with you.