Individual Coaching 

Empowering you to manage your career and find fulfilment

This wasn’t how it was supposed to be…

You’re a professional woman with a good career. You’re intelligent, talented and capable. You’ve studied hard, trained hard and worked hard and you’ve achieved great results. But when it comes to creating the family you desire, things aren’t going according to plan. Strategies that previously served you aren’t working and success, which once came easy, is alluding you.

You may be struggling to conceive, miscarrying, engaged in fertility investigations and treatments, or exploring alternative options for becoming the mother you long to be. Let’s be honest, whatever your story, you’re probably going through a really challenging time right now – physically, mentally and emotionally. There’s a fair chance you’re catapulting between hope and despair, feeling life is stuck and on hold and experiencing many uncomfortable emotions – helplessness, loneliness, guilt and grief, to name but a few.

My guess is you weren’t prepared for how deeply and extensively these challenges would impact your whole life, including your working life.

Maybe you can identify with some of the following…

You’re not enjoying what you do.

You dread going to work and live for weekends and holidays. You’re drained, lacking in motivation, uninspired and unfulfilled. You’re waiting for your baby to provide an escape but the longer it takes and the more challenging it gets, the more desperate and unhappy you become. 

You want to be happy and fulfilled and enjoy your life now. You want to be excited and energised by your work. You want what you do to be meaningful and to matter.

Ready to stop existing and start living?

You’re deliberately putting your career on hold.

You’re coasting along in an unchallenging role in order to manage your stress and protect your income while you focus on achieving motherhood. You’re bored, fed up and increasingly frustrated by lack of progress. You fear you’re being left behind in your career and family life.

You want your career to flow again. You want to indulge your passions and make the most of your talents. You want to grow.

Ready to get life off pause and back onto play?

You’re struggling to manage the pressures and demands of your fertility journey and career.

You’re trying to do a good job and give yourself the best chance of becoming a mother too. You’re stressed, exhausted and burning out. You’re fighting to resolve what seems an impossible conflict.

 You want a sense of control, balance and well-being. You want to be content that you’re doing enough. You want to be calm and confident in your choices.

 Ready to stop surviving and start thriving?

You’re losing confidence.

You’re uncomfortable asking for flexibility. You’re concerned you’re not always performing at your best. You’re anxious about what others think and fearful of repercussions. You worry that if you confide in someone or seek help, you’ll get upset, lose privacy or be denied opportunities.

You want to feel safe and secure in your career. You want to be supported and understood by your colleagues. You want to be fairly recognised and valued for what you do.

Ready to know and own your true value and worth?

I get it!

Why? Because I’ve been there too.

And what I haven’t experienced personally, I’ve probably encountered during years of employment law practice.

I therefore have natural empathy, a broad insight into career and workplace issues and a deep understanding and appreciation of the needs, challenges, rights and obligations of individuals and their organisations.

Time for change!

If you’re thinking enough is enough, you can’t continue as you are, then it’s time for change.

Change requires clarity, courage and commitment and you can achieve this through coaching.

I can help you:

  • Understand what you really want and develop a clear sense of purpose and direction.
  • Be certain of your priorities, motivations, talents and resources.
  • See your situation from new perspectives, explore different ways of thinking and operating and experience more choice.
  • Develop plans and strategies to get and stay on track, meet your needs and optimise your performance. Plans and strategies that are realistic, achievable and sustainable; that work for you, your lifestyle and your journey to motherhood.
  • Identify and overcome unhelpful thoughts, behaviours and obstacles to success.
  • Be bold, make decisions, take action and move forward one step at a time.

If you’re reasonably local to Beaconsfield in Buckinghamshire then face to face sessions may be an option for you. Otherwise all private coaching takes place by voice or video call.

It’s amazing how getting one area of your life to work, especially an area as important as your career, can have a positive impact on other areas of your life too.

So make your work work for you, and live a happier and more fulfilling life while you’re on your journey to motherhood.

Ready to regain control of your career?