Helping you manage the impact of fertility challenges on your career 

I know you…

You’re an accomplished professional with a good career. You’re intelligent, talented and capable. You’ve studied hard, trained hard and worked hard. You’ve developed and progressed and you’ve achieved great results. You’re used to making your dreams a reality and you’re used to achieving a certain level of success.

Yet when it comes to creating the family you desire, things aren’t going according to plan…

You’re struggling to conceive, experiencing repeated miscarriages, engaged in fertility investigations and treatments, and/or exploring alternative paths to parenthood. One way or another, you’ve found yourself in the unfamiliar and unpredictable world of fertility, where effort and application isn’t cutting it, desire and determination doesn’t seem enough, and so little is within your control. Strategies that previously served you just aren’t working, and success, which once came easy, is alluding you.

And it’s affecting you and your working life in unexpected and unacceptable ways, perhaps in some of these ways…

You’re losing your sense of self.

You’re not the person you once were, nor the person you thought you’d now be. You’re analysing your past, rejecting your present, and fearing your future. You’re trapped in a cycle of hope and despair, feeling lost and lonely, hopeless and helpless, guilty and ashamed, overwhelmed and grieving.

You want to be well in body and mind. You want to manage your challenges with ease and grace. You want to be you and you want to live.

Ready to find yourself again?

You’re not enjoying what you do.

You dread going to work and live for weekends and holidays. You’re drained, lacking in motivation, uninspired and unfulfilled. You’re waiting for your baby to provide an escape but the longer it takes and the more challenging it gets, the more desperate and unhappy you become. 

You want to be happy and fulfilled and enjoy your life now. You want to be excited and energised by your work. You want what you do to be meaningful and to matter.

Ready to stop existing and start living?

You’re deliberately putting your career on hold.

You’re coasting along in an unchallenging role in order to manage your stress and protect your income while you focus on achieving parenthood. You’re bored, fed up and increasingly frustrated by the lack of progress in your life. You fear you’re being left behind in your career and family creation.

You want your career to flow again. You want to indulge your passions and make the most of your talents. You want to grow.

Ready to get your life off pause and back onto play?

You’re struggling to manage the pressures and demands of your fertility journey alongside the pressures and demands of your career.

You’re trying to do a good job and you’re trying to give yourself the best chance of having your family too. You’re stressed, exhausted and burning out. You’re fighting to resolve what seems an impossible conflict.

You want a sense of control, balance and well-being. You want to be content that you’re doing enough. You want to be calm and confident in your choices.

Ready to stop surviving and start thriving?

You’re losing confidence in yourself and connection with your work and colleagues.

You’re concerned you’re not always able to be present, to concentrate and perform at your best. You’re anxious about what others think and fearful of repercussions. You worry that if you confide in someone, you’ll be upset, and if you seek or accept help, you’ll be sidelined.

You want to feel confident, safe and secure in your career. You want to be understood and supported by your colleagues. You want to be fairly recognised and valued for what you do.


Ready to know and own your true value and worth?

Enough is enough.

You can’t continue as you are.

It’s time for change.

And I can help you make that change.

Through 1:1 online coaching, I can be your partner, your confidante, your sounding board, your cheerleader, a source of accountability and your catalyst for change. I can help you:

clarify exactly what you want and why – giving you a clear sense of purpose and direction;

identify what may help and/or hinder you – including how you may help and/or hinder you;

explore options for becoming unstuck and moving forward more effectively – enabling you to experience greater freedom and choice;

develop plans and strategies that are realistic and sustainable – that work for you and your lifestyle;

take action; and ultimately,

manage your fertility journey and your career in harmony, so you can live a happy, healthy and fulfilling life on your path towards parenthood.

I typically, (but not exclusively), work with my clients for between 3 and 12 months. My packages cost between £210 and £1,800.

Ready to explore the right programme for you?

Still not sure if this is the right solution for you?

Maybe this will help…

Why coaching?

When you invest in coaching, you invest in becoming a better person, living a better life.

At its core, coaching is about awareness and responsibility; getting to know yourself, understanding how you can help yourself, and taking responsibility for yourself, and your life. It gives you the clarity, courage and commitment you need to become unstuck and gets you from where you are, to where you want to be, with more speed and ease than if you were working alone. It helps you overcome challenges, realise your potential and operate at your best. It’s fun, it’s effective, it’s rewarding, it’s life changing.

Those who are driven to succeed in any area of their life, tend to work with coaches. That’s why the most successful people in the world have them – Serena Williams, Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Hugh Jackman – to name but a few.

If you want to succeed, why not work with one too?

Why me?

I give you ten good reasons right here.

Working with someone who:

✔️understands fertility challenges, career challenge and workplaces;
✔️has struggled like you, and succeeded like you want to; and
✔️has the skills and qualifications to help you to do just that,

can only be to your advantage.

If there’s an opportunity to gain an advantage, why not take it?

Why now?

This is your fertility journey and your career at stake, and consequently, your health, wealth, relationships, sense of purpose and self worth.

You can continue as you are, and you may remain stuck for a long period of time. You can wait for change to happen to you, and you may not like what you get. You can allow someone or something else to save you, and you may end up disempowered. Or you can start working on yourself, and taking responsibility to create the changes you want to see.


If now isn’t the right time, then when is?

You don’t need to struggle alone. You don’t need to wait to have your baby to be happy. Work with me, regain control of your fertility journey and your career, and live a happy life now.

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