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Whether you’re an individual struggling with fertility challenges and their impact at work, or you’re an HR professional passionate about supporting fertility in your workplace, or you have any other interest in the intersection of fertility challenges and working life, you’ll find a range of resources here to support your learning and development…


I am proud to have Co-Founded and Co-Hosted the first three seasons of the multi-award winning podcast, In/Fertility in the City, with Natalie Sutherland and Somaya Ouazzani.

After having my daughter, I made the decision to step back, however, I continue to be involved as a guest host, collaborator and supporter.

The podcast is dedicated to exploring the complex relationship between in/fertility and work and how to manage this effectively. If you’re a professional managing in/fertility, baby loss, fertility treatment, or other paths to parenthood, or you have an interest in understanding and supporting those who are, then this is a ‘must listen’ for you.

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How to manage pregnancy envy

How to manage pregnancy envy

I experienced pregnancy envy multiply times on my fertility journey. But one example really stands out. My story of pregnancy envy I still remember...

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I am open to collaborations that raise awareness of fertility at work matters. If you would like to explore the possibility of me being a guest on your show, or writing for, or featuring in, your publication, please contact me.

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