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Whether you’re an individual struggling with fertility challenges and their impact at work, or you’re an HR professional passionate about supporting fertility in your workplace, or you have any other interest in fertility at work matters, you’ll find a range of resources here to support your learning and development…


In/Fertility in the City is a podcast dedicated to exploring the complex relationship between in/fertility and work and how to manage this effectively.

It is hosted by me, Natalie Sutherland and Somaya Ouazzani. We’ve all had to navigate our own fertility challenges alongside professional life, and we’re united in our passion for ensuring that better quality information and support is made available to others experiencing the same. 

Together we interview incredible guests, from a variety of industries, who generously share powerful stories and valuable insights into in/fertility at work issues. These moving and thought provoking discussions are intended to break the silence around this taboo topic, and inspire new attitudes and behaviours that will improve and normalise the management of fertility challenges in professional contexts. 

If you’re a professional managing in/fertility, baby loss, fertility treatment or other paths to parenthood, or you have an interest in understanding and supporting those who are, then this is a ‘must listen’ for you. 

Podcast Guesting



I am open to collaborations that raise awareness of fertility at work matters. If you would like to explore the possibility of me being a guest on your show, or writing for, or featuring in, your publication, please contact me.

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