Managing fertility in the workplace

The truth is...

The World Health Organisation (WHO) and National Institute for Health Care and Excellence (NICE) define infertility as a disease.

This isn’t a rare disease. It affects around 1 in 6 couples in the UK. That’s approximately 3.5 million men and women of working age. And of course, same sex couples and single people experience challenges becoming the parents they long to be too. The majority of these individuals will work. It’s likely some of them will work for you.

This isn’t a trivial disease either. It has the capacity to devastate lives. It can: 

  • cause stress and anxiety and lead to feelings of depression and sometimes suicidal thoughts;
  • put pressure on relationships and finances;
  • generate anxiety over career prospects;
  • impact confidence, concentration and personal performance; and
  • result in resignations and reductions in hours or responsibilities.

This in turn can impact teams, efficiencies, operations and ultimately bottom line. It’s likely it will affect your organisation too.


It’s time to acknowledge it, understand it and work with it…

By talking about fertility in the workplace, you can encourage those who would otherwise stay silent to come forward.

By being informed you can begin to understand their challenges and needs in the context of the challenges and needs of your organisation.

By being prepared, having policies, practices and expertise in place, you can work together, provide support and implement solutions that work for all.

By taking positive action, you can achieve an engaged and loyal workforce, motivated and high performing employees, functional teams, inclusive and diverse leadership, operational success and a competitive edge.

You don’t need to do it alone…

If that’s the future you want for your organisation, I’d love to help. With a unique blend of coaching qualifications, personal experience and a background in employment law practice, I can provide a bespoke service tailored to the specific requirements of your business. 

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