Helping you manage fertility in your workplace

The truth is…

Infertility is a disease.

That’s according to the World Health Organisation (WHO) and National Institute for Health Care and Excellence (NICE).

It isn’t a rare disease.

It affects around 1 in 7 heterosexual couples, (that’s around 3.5 million men and women), across the UK.

And of course, the LGBTQ+ community and single people require support becoming the parents they long to be too.

And even when a pregnancy is achieved, there is sadly a 1 in 4 chance it will end in miscarriage.

So the number of individuals struggling with fertility challenges in the UK and beyond is huge.

And the majority of these individuals will work. Some of them will work for you.

It isn’t a trivial disease either.

It has the capacity to devastate lives – personally and professionally.

It can:

cause physical pain and discomfort;

lead to feelings of stress, anxiety, depression and sometimes suicidal thoughts;

be socially isolating;

put considerable pressure on finances;

interfere with career direction and progression and therefore earning potential – causing individuals to hold back in their careers, resign, or reduce their hours or responsibilities, and worry about their future prospects; 

hamper professional performance and relationships – reducing confidence, concentration and ability to connect with work and colleagues; and

 threaten work-life balance – being difficult to manage alongside work responsibilities.

And it isn’t just an issue for the individuals who are directly affected.

 The impact on individuals can in turn have an impact on organisations, whether they’re aware of it or not.

It can reduce their productivity, profitability and employee engagement, and make it more difficult for them to recruit and retain a healthy, diverse and high performing workforce.

And it will be impacting your organisation too.

For too long fertility challenges have been ignored, trivialised and brushed to one side in the workplace.

It’s time they were acknowledged, understood and supported.

And I can help you to do just that.

Ready to manage fertility in your workplace?

With a unique blend of personal experience, coaching qualifications, and a background in employment law practice, I can provide a bespoke service, tailored to the specific requirements of your organisation, that includes any or all of the following:

1:1 online coaching for your employees and managers.

This coaching will help your employees manage the impact of fertility challenges on their career, so they can operate at their best and live happy, healthy and fulfilling lives while they’re on their path towards parenthood.

It will also help managers support their teams confidently, compassionately and effectively, when the intersection of fertility challenges and working life is an issue.

Support with education, policy and/or culture change.

These consultancy services will help you:

Start and sustain conversations about fertility in your workplace, encouraging those who would otherwise stay silent to come forward.

Understand the challenges and needs of those affected, in the context of the challenges and needs of your organisation.

Introduce policies and practices that equip line managers, HR managers and the workforce at large, with the clarity, confidence, tools, and resources required to provide meaningful support and implement solutions that work for all.

As such, I can help you manage fertility in your workplace, so your organisation can stand apart from the competition, enjoy increased productivity, profitability and employee engagement, and recruit and retain a healthy, diverse and high performing workforce.

Fertility is a normal part of life and it’s time to normalise it at work; to break the silence, acknowledge and accept it, understand and support it, and increase the potential for individuals and organisations to thrive.

Don’t wait for the law to change, or industry practice to change, to make change. Work with me. Add fertility to your workplace agenda today, and lead the change.

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