What my clients say

One of my greatest challenges has been managing fertility issues alongside my career. It can limit opportunities and make you reassess your priorities. Emma helped me to focus on my values and use this to drive my decision making. I would definitely recommend coaching with Emma to any woman with a career. It is worth the investment

Elizabeth - Education policy - April 2020

Before I invested in coaching with Emma I was truly stuck in a rut, career-wise and in my daily life. The only thing I felt good at was procrastinating. I was unmotivated and unproductive. My confidence was at an all-time low and I felt trapped. I was angry at myself for being lazy and kept telling myself I would never experience success again and I had no place starting a business. The harder I was on myself, the less motivated I became, this was starting to spiral, and I knew I had to make a change.

Now, as a result of our work together, I have learned valuable skills that have turned my life around. Emma helped me to break down the sense of overwhelm I was experiencing and enabled me to take one, concentrated step at a time towards my goals. Working with Emma showed me how to focus and helped me to understand the language I was using when talking to myself and how it was having a negative impact. Some small, seemingly simple changes empowered me to adjust my mindset and move forward with confidence. Another valuable insight I discovered was where my values lie and what it is I really want in life. Once I understood this, I was able to shift my priorities and pinpoint where my energy was best spent. This has made a true difference throughout my daily life.

The most valuable features of Emma’s coaching programmes were both the sessions themselves and the exercises I was set to aid my progress. I underestimated the impact of talking through my issues and answering questions honestly and openly. Emma made the process extremely comfortable, and I was often surprised at my emotional reaction to my own thoughts once they were out in the open. The exercises Emma set me each time felt as if they were tailored to suit my needs perfectly. When I put the time and effort in they were equally revealing and I was always excited to share the results.

I had been concerned that coaching might not be for me. Maybe it was a stigma regarding asking for help, or that my confidence was so low I didn’t believe I was worth it. But my reservations changed almost immediately, both from speaking to Emma for the first time and working through the pre-session questionnaire. I realised very quickly that working with Emma would be effective in generating the changes I needed to make.

If you’re thinking about working with Emma, I highly recommend it. The entire process was a great experience for me, and I was actually shocked at how much I learned. I have been able to apply the skills I have developed across all aspects of my life and now have the ability to start my business feeling confident and motivated.

Franki Falkow - September 2021

Writer and aspiring business owner.

What was the situation or challenge you were experiencing which lead you to coaching?
Myself and my husband had been trying to conceive and subsequently went through a miscarriage.  It was following this that I realised that I needed to take a step back and look at myself and my life- and take steps to getting my real self back again so that I would be emotionally and physically ready to welcome another baby into our family.

How did the situation or challenge affect you?
I found myself in a situation where I had spent so long thinking about looking after and bringing up my daughter (she is now 4) and giving my time and resources at work, I had almost forgotten the real me, and my own needs.  I hardly ever spent time or money on myself or my interests. I look back at the miscarriage and it doesn’t surprise me that it happened. I was living that pregnancy in fear and unhappiness, so worried that something was going to go wrong and feeling like I didn’t deserve it.  My mindset was totally in the wrong place and I desperately needed some time to get to know me again.  Its very hard to see things at the time, but looking back at this and how I have moved on from where I was, its very clear what I needed to do.

What positive transformation have you experienced as a result of the coaching sessions?
I don’t quite know where to start! My whole life has transformed as a result of my coaching sessions with Emma.  I learnt that once you take one step to make a change in one area, this creates multiple changes in other areas too.  Emma’s coaching helped me make incremental changes in my life which then have led to a larger transformation. This included getting fit and losing weight, reversing my PCOS symptoms and creating space and time in my work life so that I could focus on value-added projects.  Through this process, I have learnt to love and focus on myself more, and have done a complete 180 on my mindset, with an increased zest for life.  I have never felt so alive and happy!

What impact has this transformation had on you and your life?
The domino effect of the transformation I have felt is quite astonishing. I have found that all areas of my life are drastically improved, I have better relationships with my husband, daughter and wider family and friends.  At work I am far more in control and have time for the projects that I enjoy.  I am finding that I can manage difficulties in more of a resilient way and generally, I am seeing abundance everywhere

How did your coaching sessions empower you to move forwards and make changes?
In each session we focused on a specific area that I wanted to improve in my life.  This really helped me to reflect on that area of my life and brought up some important elements that I wouldn’t have noticed if I had been doing this alone. i.e. beliefs.  This also helped me to understand my values more and what’s important to me.  This helped me to really identify what I wanted to do in other areas of my life in order to get me to where I wanted to be.

How would you summarise your coaching experience?
Coaching with Emma has been a very key element of my personal transformation and has really accelerated my achievements and success whilst also helping me to understand underlying values and beliefs.  Without this understanding, I wouldn’t be able to look at creating new beliefs for myself or have the breakthroughs I have experienced.  I would highly recommend Emma; her style is sensitive, warm, considered and thought-provoking.  She will help you change your life.

Vici - December 2020

The sessions have been very positive and helped to structure my time effectively following redundancy. I’ve been able to hold a mirror in front of me. The ability to express my current situation out loud to an impartial person has helped so much. You discuss and are asked questions that you may not ask yourself. A massive thanks to Emma for giving me the opportunity to help guide my thinking and help me remain in a structured environment. I’m now back in work and have had a number of options. Emma has a calm and engaging personality and has been a pleasure to look forward to meeting at the sessions. Emma was fantastic and is a wonderful coach. She is easy to get along with and showed great interest

Deborah - December 2019

I have thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted greatly from my coaching sessions with Emma.  Her steady pace of questioning and gentle way of challenging has allowed me to take time to think about what I really want my goals to be and what benefits achieving those goals will bring.  Through Emma’s skillful coaching, I have been able to structure a better working week, which fits in well with my role as a parent and has given me a far better work-life balance than I had previously.  Each of our sessions have resulted in me taking actions away and I am surprised at how well and how quickly I was able to take steps towards achieving my goals.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Emma to other people who would benefit from her professional and thorough coaching

Natalie - March 2020

Emma coached me on a variety of subject areas including goals for my health management, a book which I am working towards publishing and the development of my own business through Social Media marketing. Emma’s robust approach to self accountability and setting timely goals was a real upward call and each session turned into a positive driver to closing the gap between where I want to be in terms of my goals and where I actually am at the present time. Two main positives that I have gained from the coaching sessions with Emma are;  self accountability; When will I to do this? Success in goals are about taking actions to achieve that success, and this is where Emma does a great job with encouraging positive timely actions towards progression and achievement. Secondly, Emma was very good at helping me to decide on time frames for each action I chose to take at the end of each session. Each session with Emma was very positive. I would have no hesitation in recommending Emma to anyone seeking a Coach for assistance with achieving their goals

Randal - August 2019

I had previously thought I would not benefit from something like coaching. I live a busy stressful life like many and had always just tried to deal with the stress in my own way. One of the elements of my life that was particularly stressful was work, I had started a new career and felt incredibly  pressurised. After a few sessions with Emma I felt able to deal with the pressure in a positive way….. We talked situations through and with her guidance, patience and understanding my thought process turned from negative to positive.  Emma helped me to focus on my successes not my failures and helped me identify techniques to deal with colleagues whom I was struggling to work alongside. I would highly recommend Emma’s coach services for any element of your life

Sharon - April 2019

I have had the privilege of working with Emma as my coach since January 2019. Over the course of the 4 months Emma has been instrumental in helping me navigate areas of focus and importance in my life from; Business development, career change and progression to personal growth and mindset shifts.

 Each coaching session was conducted timely and professionally, without judgment or opinion but instead with consideration, affirming praise and encouragement and achievable goal setting. Although the sessions were not on a weekly basis, the agreed coaching sessions provided time to realistically action the personal goals and targets and helped with problem solving and self-reflection.

 As a coach I felt that Emma provided a calm, safe and trusting environment which allowed for ease of dialogue and confidentiality. Emma demonstrated her ability to use sound questioning and listening skills which prompted thought provoking discussion and action. Each session was well structured, meaningful and intentional, and as a result action points were established and reviewed at the start of every next session.

 Overall, Emma was a fantastic Coach which I would highly recommend to others for personal or professional coaching and I myself would use her again in the future. I believe we were able to build a strong working relationship that fostered openness and progression.

 A very beneficial experience that will have a lasting impact

Tremaine - June 2019

Ahead of discussing the impact of Emma’s coaching on the goals set during our sessions, I believe it is first worth mentioning the overall professional approach adopted by Emma. She was clear from the start how the process would work, provided documentation to support this, and was always exactly on time for all our sessions which were agreed and confirmed well ahead of time.

 She was patient throughout, demonstrated excellent recall in terms of my previous statements, and at all times I felt that she was “on my side” in helping me progress.

 I was able to formulate goals easily under her insightful questioning, and in helping me to understand that I had control over the matters discussed, I was able to score early wins and achieve quickly my initial goals. In particular this involved applying a level of discipline to my personal life in line with the project approach we had identified as necessary to my forward progress. We moved on to set secondary and third level goals and I feel confident that I will take what I have understood from our sessions and apply myself to continuing to progress in what I now term Phase 3 of my life.

 I feel certain that I would not have been able to do this without Emma’s help.

Carl - June 2019

I believe that Emma has opened my eyes to new ways of approaching old problems.  Having a seemingly insurmountable problem in the way of achieving my goals was swept away by the clever use of questioning to reveal both what really motivates me and how I can use past successes to achieve new successes.

 Emma’s careful attention to time and relevance, (keeping me on track by intervening when I went astray), kept me focused and helped me see the resources and skills I have within my broad remit and what they could bring in helping me to complete my actions and tasks.

 Emma offered me the opportunity to break down my life into bite sized, shorter term goals which across 6 sessions has me well placed to attain a life balance between my personal life, my volunteering and my development as a coach.

 Each of my sessions helped me qualify and quantify the issues and how to improve upon my initial successes as a Chair of Council of Trustees in a large but challenging Society. Tackling these issues in dealing with time management, leadership skills, managing difficult people and motivating other Trustees and volunteers to gain overall acceptance, has made a real difference in how I undertake all I do and in the outcomes

Christine - April 2019

Emma’s coaching sessions were brilliant and I would highly recommend her. I had six sessions and in that time I gained exceptional clarity around the values that are important to me in my career and life, with a positive focus on where I want to be in the next few years. She is supportive & considerate but also challenges you to make you think about what you want in the future – which is something I hadn’t properly taken the time to do. I have recently started a new role and her coaching has been invaluable in ensuring that it offers me what is important to me and is the right fit. Emma’s style is really calm and kind, which makes talking to her so easy to talk to! I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions – and the fact they could be done on Skype made it simple to fit in to my schedule. I look forward to working with Emma again in the future

Natalie - April 2019